I have a technology issue- what should I do?

  1. Save your work (if you can).
  2. Before reporting any technology issue, you should ALWAYS try to restart the application/web-browser/device. This will resolve 50% of the glitches that happen on your device. We will look at you funny if you haven't done a reboot. JUST TRY IT!
  3. If your computer is still malfunctioning, and you have rebooted/checked for loose cable connections
  4. Now we can finally create a support ticket!

How do I open a support ticket?

  • All district staff members have the ability to open a support ticket.
  • Support tickets will automatically alert all technology staff, it is by far the fastest way for us to help you.
  • All you have to do is send an email to helpdesk@d428.org, and your ticket is automatically created.
  • Please as specific as possible, include your name, building, room number and the best time for us to stop by if you need assistance in person.
  • For chromebook repairs, please contact your media center staff. The media center staff will create a repair request for you.

Client fillable tickets are currently disabled.

To submit a ticket, please email helpdesk@d428.org

Check Ticket Status

We provide archives and history of all your current and past support requests complete with responses.

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